Putney Bridge bus-push jogger suspect arrested

Media captionCCTV footage of a jogger who appeared to push a woman in front of a bus

Police hunting a jogger who appeared to push a woman into the path of a bus on Putney Bridge have arrested a man.

The Met Police said a 41-year-old was detained at an address in Chelsea on Thursday morning on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

The arrest comes after CCTV footage was released that showed the woman, 33, narrowly avoid serious injury due to the bus driver’s quick reactions.

The suspect is in custody at a south London police station, the Met said.

On Wednesday, the force said it had received a “huge response” to its appeal for information.

CCTV of the incident, which happened on 5 May, was issued earlier in the week in an effort to trace the jogger after police attempts to establish his identity had failed.

The footage shows a man barging the woman to the ground and off the pavement, into the road.

The bus can then be seen swerving to avoid the woman’s head.

Afterwards the driver stopped the bus, at which point several passengers got off and went to help the victim.

About 15 minutes later the jogger came back the other way across the bridge.

The woman, who received minor injuries, tried to speak to him but he did not acknowledge her and carried on jogging.


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