FACTR Help Appeal

factrDear Friends,
Refugees and immigrants come to us in great need and under very difficult circumstances.
Some are stressed by painful memories of war and atrocities, some are confused by new norms of child discipline, some are worried about losing their families should they be deported or should a parent or spouse be deported, some are recovering from domestic violence, some are stressed in finding the right English word in a presentation or before an immigration/citizenship exam, some may experience discrimination and name calling that lasts a lifetime. All of them deserve our care and assistance.

FACTR_logo_new-copy_aWe are writing to ask your help to do our work on behalf of refugees and immigrant families in the Bay Area. FACTR is a non-profit center which aims to help such families in the Bay Area overcome the multiple obstacles they face while trying to adjust to living in the United States by providing counseling services to heal and help solve their problems, as well as promoting their well-being and resilience through cultural expression and interchange.

FACTR offers a comprehensive selection of programs through 2 main divisions:

1) Counseling and Clinical Services and

2) Cultural Interchange and development.

In the Counseling area, our counselors serve clients suffering from trauma as a result of war trauma, domestic violence, deportation, and family conflict, as well as anxiety in relation to immigration problems. Many of the individuals that we have served this past year are new immigrants struggling to understand their new home and are looking for ways to fit into their new communities, many others suffer from the trauma of war and losing their homeland as well as the cultural shock of living in a new land.

This year we have established the Immigration Hardship Center to address the trauma of deportation through forensic services and specialized counseling services. Right now FACTR has the capability to provide low cost counseling, mediation and forensic evaluation services for over 50+ clients and is looking to expand their services in order to serve more within the community. If you choose, you could make a contribution of a scholarship donation to ensure that a given family will, indeed, have access to counseling services or greatly needed forensic services around problematic immigration situations.

In the Cultural interchange and development area we offer different programs such as the 3 C’s – Culture, Compassion and Connection aimed at children in pre-school settings to teach them cultural awareness and tolerance as a prevention to inter-ethnic conflict and especially to avoid bullying of immigrant children, as they enter kindergarten in the public school system.

Another program is the creation of the Family Storybook. In this program we invite immigrant grandparents to write their life stories to share with their grandchildren and restore their position in the family, as well as to promote cultural preservation by sharing their favorite poems or songs and traditions. This is considered a way to preserve culture across generations, giving grandparents the opportunity to share the wisdom from their life experiences and culture.

The aim of our Cultural Interchange program is to facilitate the effective interaction between people from diverse cultures and to celebrate and appreciate our differences.

We invite you to help FACTR achieve these goals through your generous contributions.

Wishing you and your family the very happiest of holidays!

Thank you.

Karita M. Hummer, LCSW

President and Clinical Director

HOW TO DONATE: Your generous donation, of any amount, will help us to continue providing services and expand upon our mission. We are a small organization and so your donation will make a BIG difference. You can donate via Paypal on our website http://factr.org/donate/ or you can mail us a check payable to “FACTR” which can be sent to the address above. For your tax records, our Federal Tax exemption number is: 262-177-441Thank you for your generosity as FACTR grows and continues to add services to meet the needs of the immigrant community. FACTR could not exist without you!


Karita M. Hummer, LCSW

President and Clinical Director