Child Labor Laws

child labor lawsWhat Happens To Children In Countries With No Child Labor Laws?

We’ve all heard stories about children in other countries are turned into soldiers or made to work in sweat shops making garments for sale in the U.S. and other developed countries. These children work long hours with little or no pay and spend their nights hungry and cold only to return to work the next day.

Can you help the kids by “not buying” from them?

Many people think they will help these children by refusing to buy clothing made by companies that employ young children. Our compassion leads us to believe that without buying such products, we can free these children of a life time of what can only be considered slavery. We cry out for Governments in such countries to pass child labor laws that will keep these children from being worked to death.

Could Child Labor Laws Harm These Kids ?

Have you ever stopped to think what this compassion may mean to these children? What the passing of child labor laws might do to them and their families? In some cases, the entire family is dependent on what these children make to survive. In others, the little additional money these children bring it makes it possible for the children and their younger brothers and sisters to survive. If child labor laws in these countries are passed, and they should be, will your compassion urge you to do more? Will your compassion urge you to reach out and sponsor one of these children or some other child who desperately needs education, health care, and food, and clean drinking water in order to break the cycle of poverty in which they live?

Stop Whining and Take a Stand – You can Help Now !

Why wait until some Government passes child labor laws making it illegal to work children to death. There are thousands of children right now who are suffering from inadequate food, clothing, medical care, and schooling. Some of these children do work in sweat shops, others who are still too young only have that kind of future to look forward to. But, by becoming a child sponsor you can save one child from being forced into into the kind of labor that the child labor laws are designed to protect them from.

You have the Power to Change a Life Now !

Sponsoring one child will help them and their families to get the food and medical care they need to remain healthy. It will help one child and perhaps his or her siblings get an education that can lead to better work, it can help families learn how to grow and raise healthy food so that the child you sponsor can eat not only today, but, tomorrow and next year and the year after that.

So yes, let your compassion for the children of the world raise your voice and join the millions of other people who are demanding that Governments institute child labor laws to protect children from being exploited by companies who place the all mighty dollar ahead of the welfare of a child. But, also let your compassion open your wallets, and spend just one dollar a day in making a difference in the life on one child and saving them from the same fate that other children are now experiencing. It isn’t often that you can get an opportunity to save a life of a child, don’t miss your chance.

Let’s save the world one child sponsorship at a time.

Learn More about Child Sponsorship and child labor laws.

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