Bank of America Makes Money from Unemployment

Does Bank of America Take Food from kids’ mouth?

here is a copy email that came in from an unemployed man sent to BoA. Apparently he visited a gas station to fill his car up using his EDD issued Bank of America card. The gas station filled up gas worth more than what was available on the card causing him to go negative balance than got charged a overdraft fee by BoA.

How Low will you sink Bank of Greed?
Charging unemployed father of three $35 overdraft on a something that should not have been allowed to be processed for more than was available in the first place.

This is really sad and I wish you will choke on the money and fill your stomach with it so you burn easier in hell for it. Shame on you , after I was BoA customer for many years and had business and individual accounts, after thousands of my hard earned money went to bail your Ass out, after countless.

I am outraged and happy as hell with your exec in it to have closed my accounts with you thieves. Sadly the dirty money u acquired and your purchase of lobbyist and manipulation of EDD has allowed you bottom-feeders to go after the most vulnerable and force your usury “prepaid” card to be used by EDD. We all know where you made your money – not from good positive ROI. Keep your stinking $35 and put into the jar to buy more $85,000 carpets while you steal from the weakest.  Shame on you.

Now Kindly Go FuxxYourself

How many class action lawsuits did we see BoA involved in unfair overdraft practices? Anyways, I wanted to share this with you and shed some light on the fact that EDD actually uses BoA to process payments, which initself should not be too bad if there was some regulation. Oh but wait “regulation is bad for business” as we all know since 2008. What is sad is that BoA is allowed to use same fishy practices that got us partially into the whole fiasco.

What do You Think? Should BoA preset no overdraft protection? Do yo have a similar story? Let Us Know ?

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